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Chapter IV: Memo is the final offering of four chapters by William J. Sullivan. Released March 22nd, 2019 on Wreckin' Joint Productions.


released March 22, 2019

Written, recorded and performed by William J. Sullivan


all rights reserved



William J. Sullivan Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Dope Lives
I remember like it’s yesterday
And I remember when that phone rang
No one even had to say a thing
Three days ago we planned to hang
I could already feel you gone
You had moved on
In the car, no music no songs
Your body laying there cool and calm
Ring in your hand, on your knees
Smoothest mother fucker that I’d ever see
Life of the party, fresh to death
Dared to fail until your last breath
That’s all done now, you skipped town
Man I hop you’re proud, I wrote this for you, play it extra loud
Left us in broke pieces
Yeah you left me speechless
And now I’m bitter as shit
‘cus I can barely crack a smile when I get to reminisce
She was shy of a widow
None of us will really know
Things have never been the same
And that was Valentines Day

There’s no bringing him back
There’s no bringing him back

I remember like it’s yesterday
When my phone rang again
Is it good news or bad news?
Another man’s life has come to an end
Now I’ll never get closure
Stand eye to eye with that junky mother fucker
Ask what happened one day to the other
Three days out and you couldn’t keep him sober?
Lost my chance to do anything
yell, scream, laugh, lash out or cry
Let go of many years of pain
Watch the life fade from his eyes
Too bad it doesn’t matter now
Yeah, they both skipped town
Cold and gone without a sound
Fall like ashes scattered to the ground
Track Name: Grand
Turn my back and take an extra couple steps
We both know this wont change a thing
Silhouettes stripped clean down to bone
What once was, never getting use to being alone
Hollow “I love you”’s
Now that’s all gone
All the replacements
have learned to move on
A distant memory
Singing my last song
Edge of forgotten, wiped away but prolonged
Eyes like I’m faded from substances too far
Collapsed down, I need to keep these scars
Reminders of the times that I shot at the stars
With a gun in my mouth while the liquor crashed the car
Tried to wash you out any way I could think of
Hit me with a hangover when I would wake up
That’s how it’s been for the last two years
My life crashed down and Faced my worst fears

Can’t tell if I’m awake or asleep
Burning trees in all of my dreams
When you disappeared something died in me
Lets be real you were gone before we were deceased
I remember turning to your face
You said, “you know this isn’t real, right?”
Kissed you on the cheek and closed my eyes
Walked to the tacks and opened to approaching light
Pressed end to try and retire
Orange beads are constant reminders
hand drawn hearts on torn scraps
Designed to put this behind her
Words lost in telephones
Thumbs worn down to their bones
Desperate last ditch attempt of my own
God I fucking hate you ‘cus I couldn’t let go
Track Name: End of August
The same mistakes
Play out in different ways
I’m afraid, ashamed
I let go. Let go again
Broken promises
Regretting carelessness
Feeling nervous
I’m only asking for forgiveness

Intoxicated by something other than you
You never dreamed this when we were introduced
Close your eyes, it’s not our night
I guess that plan worked out alright
Like playing records backwards, waking up in strange places
Distanced by an hour and a half separation
Small city girl and a big town boy gone
Can’t seem to stop doing things wrong
I’d ask for a second chance but I lost that one
maybe a third, but I think that’s been done
Light skin smooth, determined with a big heart
The closer we get, the further we’re apart
I barely know myself I need to take a step back
Check out the forest, take a couple deep breaths relax
I admit, you deserve better
But I hope we think of each other until forever
Track Name: King
With the smell of a hazelnut candle blown out
The shit burns like a redhead crush
That summer just couldn’t shave it right
Back and forth like the kids on a cool Sunday night
Break it down a bit and tape it back together
Fast forward, now rewind, just a bit better
You can stay in your city of angels, and I’ll just eat up all my big apples
Spit it out too and a little Neal
He thought he could hypnotize but I just couldn’t feel it
While letting go when I didn’t want to
Now I’m glad that I’ll never see you again
I’ll repeat my words like all my mistakes
Leave a job and not have another the next day
Fold your hands, say goodbye, now pray for it and close your eyes

Played on broken strings and hallow keys
While dogs bark, thunder sings to me
Days are slipping by and I’m letting go
Without a fight, now close the show
Rearrange words and make them say what you want
The calendars almost lost all of it’s months
We wont last forever, I don’t care what you believe
This is our time, this is our face, please listen to me
Track Name: Make the Sickness (Cure Mix)
Zilla Rocca -
Break dance battles at Shampoo
Black and Mild ashes flickin’ right at you
Records at Armands, eyes like Sauron, fligkin’ right at you
Spill drink on Fluid floor, John Forte when Fugees Score
Fun like Ronin, not like rodent
Life will exist while I shit on opponents
You were never at the Khyber, La Taza, The Tritone
Mill Creek Tavern, livin’ on your iPhone
Philippine divide dough, North Star bar we all cake up
House parties, underground Omni, white boy day in a room full of Yardies
Sippin’ that sake, never been cocky
Never met a mother fuckin’ beat I couldn’t body

Curly Castro -
Castro, no carbon copy
Came here in an old jalopy
Pulled by twin rottweilers
one was King, the other Joffrey
I’m killed Kaiju, armed with razor haikus
Escaping Overlook Hotels, I’m chased by paid dues
Played all them 5 Spots, live band or laptop
Plastic bucket, beat box, or D-Brown on the black top
Always no look, head-first
Crowd morph: Blue universe
Red, Black and Green blood
Left on every stage I church

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